Different Types Of Bracelet Clasps

Bracelet Clasps

In modern times, bracelets have become one of the most fashionable accessories. They are available in a variety of designs, shapes and colors. Bracelets can be worn by women belonging to all age groups. In fact, it is a known fact that most teenage girls love to wear various types of bracelets. Bracelets make the girls look more gorgeous and appealing.

Bracelet clasp is available in different types. Depending upon the needs of the user, the bracelet designer makes use of different types of clasps in designing the bracelet. Some of the most popular bracelet clasps available in the market are mentioned below. Read through the brief description to know them better.

Plastic Type: Most of the people are aware of this type of clasps as they are widely used in the market. These clasps are made up of molded plastic material. In the recent days, they have come out with various attractive features such as magnetic properties, anti-sticking quality and resistance to corrosion. Bracelet designer use this type of clasps, which provide the users a simple yet attractive look.

Sterling Silver Type: Sterling silver clasps are also known as golden clasps. They are crafted with the help of laser etching process. This metal type is very much popular among the buyers due to its corrosion resistance and anti-corrosion nature. Moreover, the metals also have a shine and sparkle, which attract the eyes of the viewers even more. These clasps make the bracelet to look elegant and sophisticated.

Brass Type: Bracelet designers are making use of this metal type for making the clasps in large numbers. This is a very good design option, which gives a distinctive style statement to the bracelet. The main advantage of using this metal type is that they do not get tarnished easily. Another benefit is that, they are resistant to corrosion and they remain shiny and attractive forever. There are various types of designs and patterns available in this metal type.

The charm bracelets can be designed in a number of different ways. You just need to keep your imagination free while designing your charm bracelets. It is always better to order the bracelet clasps, when you are required to have it in a specific time. This will ensure that you receive them on time and that there is no damage done to the bracelet. Charm bracelets play a vital role in adding charm to the personality of the person.