What Do You Need to Know About the Florida Video Notary Oath?

The Florida video notary oath is pretty simple and has been around for a while. It simply states that you are legally bound to solemnly swear to uphold the law as it is written and protect all parties from any fraud or deceit while carrying out the duties of notary public. There are no specific requirements for you to take the Florida notary oath but many people will require that you take it before getting the official seal on your certificate. However, you can still be sworn in without taking the oath but that is a much smaller list than taking the oath.

The Florida video notary oath takes about 15 minutes to complete so if you are looking to get certified you will want to be done in advance. Since Florida has so many requirements for those who want to become a notary this will vary by county. Generally you will have to meet minimum requirements before being able to get to the next level. So, if you live in Tampa and wish to become a Florida notary public it may take you a few years.

For most of the top officials in the state of Florida the oath will be the same. However, there are some exceptions such as if you are working in a correctional facility as a Miami-Dade County notary. If this is the case you will need to take a different oath. You should make sure that you understand what the requirements are in this situation.

Most people are very familiar with the Florida video notary oath. However, the only other time you really need to take an oath before becoming a notary is when you take a deposition. A deposition is when you are giving testimony for another party in a legal matter. You are required to take an oath that you will faithfully keep your promises.

Now there are a few scenarios in which you don’t need to swear to uphold the law as written. For example, if you work for the government or an employer it isn’t illegal for you to not swear to uphold the law as written. However, if you are an employee you can’t be in any way dishonest. Also, you can’t be in any way corrupt.

The other scenario that you don’t need to take the oath to uphold the law is if you are not related to anyone in your family. In this case, you are a good person and don’t need to swear to your religion, race, or anything else. No one should ever be in any way dishonest, because if they are, the penalties can be very severe. Now, if you do get into a situation where you have to take the oath then you should be aware of the penalties that are involved.

It is pretty easy to understand that some of the penalties will be easier to handle than others. As soon as you take the oath you are officially placed under oath. A great deal of the penalties involve civil fines and a criminal record. Therefore, you will want to prepare yourself for that fact before you get sworn in.

The Florida video notary oath is fairly simple but it is very important to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Make sure that you fully understand the consequences of not swearing to uphold the law.