IL Continuing Education For Agents and Brokers

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IL Continuing Education provides licensees with the information needed to meet licensing requirements, including obtaining continuing education credits. These courses are offered by a variety of providers and can be completed online or in person.

Insurance CE Courses in Illinois

There are several types of insurance continuing education coursesĀ IL Continuing Education available to agents and brokers in Illinois. These include a variety of classes, seminars, workshops, and webinars that are designed to help you stay current on the latest industry news and trends. You can also find courses that are specifically focused on a particular product or service, such as flood insurance.

Agents and Brokers are Required to Complete CE

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation requires all insurance licensees to complete continuing education. These courses can be taken in a classroom setting, online or through textbooks and other materials. These courses are aimed at teaching licensees the skills and knowledge they need to provide excellent customer service in their industry.

In addition to these CE courses, agents are required to take a class on ethics. This is an in-class or online class that does not have a test requirement, but it must be completed before selling any long term care policies in Illinois.

Live Webinars for Engineer Continuing Education Credit

Live webinars are a great way to fulfill the CE requirement for Illinois engineers. These are courses that can be viewed from anywhere, and they allow engineers to interact with other engineers in real time.

These classes can be taken in-person or online, and there are no limits to the number of hours you can earn. They can be used to satisfy the Illinois engineering CE requirement, as long as they are approved by the IDFPR.

Flood Training for Producers

Property and casualty insurance producers who sell flood insurance products are required to complete a one-time 4-hour training course on flood insurance before they can continue to sell in the state. These courses can be completed online or in person, and are a must for all licensees who sell insurance in the state of Illinois.

Licensed Life Insurance Producers must also complete a 4-hour Life and Annuity course that satisfies the Illinois licensing requirement for selling life insurance products. These courses are available online and are a great option for busy agents.

Legal and Nursing Licensure Requirements

Nurses and RNs in Illinois must complete 60 PDHs of continuing education each two-year license renewal period. These courses must be completed in an approved educational setting. These courses can be in the form of academic classes, seminars or workshops or by taking online courses from a licensed provider.

CPAs in Illinois are required to complete 120 CPE credits each three-year reporting cycle. These credits must be in the form of professional ethics education and sexual harassment prevention training. This requirement can be waived under certain circumstances.

All of these CE requirements can be fulfilled easily and conveniently with the help of online education. These online courses are designed to be fast, easy and affordable for professionals on the go.